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Every airplane has a pilot, every ship a captain, who works with their crew as a team to navigate their travels.

 Julie W. Jones, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Julie has over twenty-one years of experience in finding effective solutions to business problems. Now she is applying that same capability to finding creative solutions for the expanding community of people who have different abilities (aka disabilities) and the travel, communication, and other related industry. She has a special passion for those with disabilities (from birth or acquired), having experienced disabilities herself with family members. Her travels have taken her from Mt. McKinley to Casey Key, Hawaii & California to Eastern Canada & off the New England coast, and various islands in the Caribbean. Prior to founding ET LLC she worked as a corporate financial consultant or employee for small, medium and large companies (telecommunications, medical technology, ski industry, computer, financial services, manufacturing) where she improved or created financial processes and procedures, which reduced cost or financial risk, and reviewed product quality. An effective liaison between "users" and technical staff her negotiation skills have enhanced vendor and customer relationships, account reconciliations and Sarbanes-Oxley testing for compliance. Adept at various levels of project management her blended background in the sciences and business operations has resulted in recognition awards from corporations and their customers. Her business & tech researching sides are balanced by a love of the outdoors ... especially up in a plane or out on the water ... experiencing all those things you just can't enjoy from the office!  An avid skier, bicyclist, hiker; tennis, sailplane, former runner, fishing and motorcycle enthusiast; she has also been stranded in a "whiteout", chased by large wildlife while backpacking, closely encountered bear & rattlesnake, caught in a dangerous undertow snorkeling or underneath a raft while whitewater rafting the Royal Gorge, and "survived" numerous episodes while traveling the urban jungle as a solo female. She once "limped" a 750 motorcycle home from the mountains outside Vail CO, using the inside foil wrapper of stick gum for a fuse (before cellphones to call roadside assistance). She takes travel safety very seriously. 


Gerald R. Jones, Director Technical Support & Engineering 

 Jerry has more than twenty-two years of engineering and IT experience. His primary focus has been design and development of semiconductors for Fujitzu, Storage Technology, Flextronics, and ST Microelectronics. An avid outdoorsman, accomplished photographer, ski instructor, bicyclist, and community volunteer with formal training in persons with disabilities (pwd) public transportation. He is a multi faceted engineer with recent education in Green design and building and also served on an aircraft carrier in the US Navy as an electronics technician. A native of Colorado Springs, he managed the Pikes Peak ski area in the early '70s. He brings a wealth of design and structural functionality review to examining consumer products. Jerry's travels have taken him through the U.S., Europe and beyond ... but during the Colorado ski season you will most likely find him at Winter Park or Steamboat!


Terri Evans, Director Business Development & Strategy 

Terri brings over twenty years of extensive international business experience in communication, human resources, finance, accounting, and management. Her significant expertise lies in identifying opportunities for companies, determining if they fit and then communicating and implementing the opportunities. She has developed new marketing tools to expand employee benefits consulting business and managed high-performing departments in Human Resources and Finance. She is skilled at partnering with vendors and developing intercompany relationships to deliver innovative programs at a reasonable price. Speaker at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce forum on Health Care Solutions, member of the Exempla Hospitals Healthcare Quality Committee, President of the Colorado Business Group on Health and on the Board of Directors for Special Transit System (STS). An avid international and domestic traveler (all 50 states), having worked/lived in Germany, France, and the U.S. she brings a wealth of business experience and healthcare coverage knowledge to assistive technology & travel product review.


 Mark Simmonds, Controller/Chief Accountant

Mark has broad and deep global experience in accounting in several companies and in several countries. For over 17 years, his experience includes budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, auditing, financial systems implementations and small business management advice in industries as varied as public accounting, non-profit, insurance and telecommunications. He has lived and worked in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.A. Mark is a Chartered Accountant (Australia) and Certified Management Accountant (USA). His business travels - to Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea Conakry, Indonesia, Pakistan and Romania - bring an international business traveler's breadth of knowledge to ET LLC.


 Linda Boswell, Director of Travel and Operations

Linda has over 20 years experience in the travel industry. She has successfully planned travel for many individuals and groups while managing & acting as lead travel coordinator for two full service travel agencies in Boulder, Colorado. She has also been instrumental in arranging reservations for corporate and leisure travel within businesses where she acted as office manager, executive assistant, and travel coordinator. She is a former international flight attendant for TransAmerica Airlines and her specific areas of interest are Europe and the Caribbean.



Roy Isiminger, Director of Finance/CFO

Roy has over thirty years of experience in extensive accounting and financial management, specializing in high-technology start-up and turnaround companies. A current member of Financial Executives International (FEI), he has served as Controller for such companies as Advanced Micro Devices, SEMATECH and Boulder Scientific Co. He has also been CFO and/or VP Finance and Operations for a variety of smaller high technology companies. Roy has served as a Financial Consultant for two of Colorado's largest telecommunications firms in a variety of financial management projects. An effective leader, dynamic, and personable executive, Roy builds productive and highly cost efficient organizations (both large & small) and has a track record of motivating people to attain outstanding performance. His expertise is evidenced through his business planning, budgeting, compliance, contract negotiations & review, ability to streamline operations, and in developing policies to conform to both GAAP and governmental regulations. A seasoned executive Roy maintains approachability, a standard of ethics, warmth of character and compassion for ET's "Mission" which has been referred to as "Discovery Channel meets Sky Mall". His education includes an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and B.S. in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting from West Virginia University. Roy loves driving his convertible in the mountains, watching his favorite sports teams and spending time with his favorite nieces. ET LLC is very fortunate to have his guidance in our smaller company.


ET's Nationwide Pwda Advisory Panel:

Although not individually bios'd on our public website, a key component to our research & review efforts is provided through the combined efforts of our Advisory Panel.  Members have vastly different professional expertise and manage "disabilities" -some present from birth, others acquired later on- in their own personal lives. ET has partnered with these dedicated individuals who volunteer their valuable time to provide a representative voice for the community with physical disabilities within our operations. They provide feedback for product and services testing, new or future design concepts, and initial research leads. Our Panel which is limited to 10 individuals is "Chaired" by an attorney in Washington DC who directs training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), has mediated ADA consumer complaints, provides disability awareness training, and advocates for consumers and parents of children with disabilities for accommodation. Our Panel includes women and men, who vary in age from their twenties to beyond retirement, some are single, others are married with families of their own. They  have career backgrounds in Law, as a Telecom Specialist, College Professor, International Travel writer, Tour Guide, etc. Some serve on the Board of Directors of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) around the country. CILs comprise  a network of nearly 400 such organizations across the USA which provide resources, peer counseling, training, and information on employment and assistive technology etc. to assist  people with disabilities to live more independently.  Our Panel members'  individual travel experiences range from lite traveler  (once a year vacationer)  to global (extensive "remote" locations year round)  traveler.  Some use manual wheelchairs, others powerchairs,  some are legally blind, have low vision, or have Cerebral Palsy.  They are physically located from one coast to the other (broad geographical representation) , live in urban or  suburban areas, may rely on mass transportation daily and communicate with our Directors in Colorado via emails, conference calls and personal visits from ET's CEO and/or Director of Engineering. Words like handicapped, disabled,  etc. do not define who they are. They focus on finding solutions such as better communication or mobility options, e.g. a better cell phone,  more easily managed by hands with limited fine motor skills or eyes with limited vision or perhaps addressing what a UD designed smart phone can offer with "accessibility" applications in addition to entertainment or business user options.  Technology can be wonderful at solving one issue and inadvertently creating another problematic one. Our Panel brainstorms along these lines.  

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