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As a specialized consumer oriented research and review company whose mission is to seek out assistive technology, services and information which will enable easier and safer travel, particularly for people living with physical disabilities, the mature, and female travelers ...some "articles" that may interest you

05-Jul-08 Usability Review: SPOT Personal Satellite Messenger Device

Communications: New Satellite Technology Device "Pwd Review".  Well known international travel writer & Universal Design proponent, Scott Rains, provides candid feedback on behalf of the disability community while globe trotting using a SPOT device.

14-Apr-08 Engineered Travel LLC & GEOS-TSG

ET aligns itself with International Travel Safety Group in collaborative effort to improve communication devices and services for people traveling with disabilities. GEOS core technologies and ten years professional expertise prove invaluable to "next generation" & "Universal Design" concept discussions  prompted by ET LLC in the USA with respect to GSM, Satellite, GPS, and CDMA available currently.

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