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Easier & Safer Travel (for ALL) ... specialty in Pwda or physically challenged

Engineered Travel endeavors to provide information, product referrals, and products which will help you to travel more "easily" and "safely". Whether you're traveling around the world, to your favorite vacation spot, on business, etc. we hope to encourage you to travel more often, in person, not just through magazines and watching the television. Our most important mission is finding assistive technology for easier and safer Pwd travels, to maximize your "Abilities" and comfort while traveling.

Let your travels come off the page and "out of the box" (TV). Experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, cultures, and people beyond the boundaries of your own home.  You learn more about yourself and those around you by experiencing their worlds, in person!  We hope you enjoy your "passion" or simple "need" to travel as much as we do ours. Our product referrals include everyday travelers' needs but ET LLC is most proud of its liaison Pwda awareness work with respect to "Universal Design" for accessible travel related products and services. 

Engineered Travel acts as a "Referring Agent":   end-user to products or services, company to consumers,  company to company, and organizations to prospective new members ...and the general public,  on behalf of consumer satisfaction. We strive to act as a beneficial conduit between users and the travel industry, communications, and mobility-transportation providers, expanding our referrals and expertise as we monitor developments in innovative, assistive technology. These advances may have profound impact on amputees, those with visual or hearing impairments, and mobility concerns, as they venture past their front doors to travel to work, on vacation, business travel, trips to the doctor, family excursions etc.

Instead of "special services" with respect to "people traveling with disabilities" or the mature traveler we look to facilitate "Universal Design" for the temporarily abled. We apply our practical and technical backgrounds  to do a  first level consumer review. We also seek out and network for,  subject matter experts (SMEs) worldwide,  from industry, universities & colleges (engineering & psychology), even solo inventors. In this day and age of marketing information overload and demanding daily activities (family, career, jobs, emails, cell phones  etc.) many individuals struggle simply with finding the time to travel or even booking their travel arrangements,  let alone concentrate on their travel ease and safety.  The best planned vacation or business trip can go terribly awry when your safety has been compromised or you simply can't use the services before you, comfortably.  People with disabilities, impaired -limited motor function, mature travelers and females (especially traveling with children) approach travel differently. ET LLC does a great deal of consumer "leg work"  ahead of time, then reports back what we have found out ourselves.  We're very specialized but we think we can help ... so you have more time to enjoy your actual travels! ET's company logo (see our FAQ page, What's an Astrolabe?) embodies our mission.

Engineered Travel LLC is headquartered in Louisville, CO
(20 minutes northwest of Denver, Colorado USA)

ET LLC was formed  in 2006. Our Founder & CEO has traveled (cruised) with family who are legally blind, wheelchair users, and have cerebral palsy. She spent many hours in her youth accompanying her father, a physician, on his daily routine. She herself has experienced eyesight degradation due to Central Serous Retinapothy. These personal experiences were in large part the catalyst for the formation of Engineered Travel LLC and continue to govern its daily operations. We encourage businesses wishing to work with ET LLC's network to review  "Disability Awareness" training materials  for communicating with People with different abilities (Pwda) and suggest  they have an "accessibility audit" done on their company website. Online transaction processing can present formidable challenges, even a simple cell phone can be more trouble than help. We can provide such informational resources for employers, large and small businesses, organizations, families and individuals.

People with physical disabilities (from birth or acquired via accident or illness) encounter obstacles in their travels (even using the Internet & with mobile communication) which could be mitigated if more individuals were simply more "Aware".  By increasing disability awareness we wish to encourage and guide those specifically within the travel and communication industries (and the "temporarily abled") to accommodate the needs of the disability community. 

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