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"Engineered Travel LLC"  is the collaborative result of those wishing to improve on shared experiences with travel, communication, & public transportation.

 Advisory contributions were provided by:

  • Travel industry: international & domestic airline flight attendants, travel agents, travel agency managers, travel agency owners, commercial & private pilots
  • Engineers: electrical, mechanical, aerospace, environmental, civil, computer science, software etc..
  • Pwda: visually impaired, blind, legally blind, hearing challenged, wheelchair users, elderly, cerebral palsy, brain injury
  • Photographer, school bus drivers, public transit drivers (regional & touring bus lines, taxi cabs)
  • Business executives: project managers, corporate software users, IT developers, VPs, CFOs, Controllers, and Consultants.
  • Former principal (27 years) of a school for orthopedically challenged children
  • Major airline and public ground transportation representatives
  • Wheelchair repair shops & RTSs
  • Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) & Registered Nurses (RNs): traveling with those needing medical care
  • Adventure athletes ("temporarily abled" and otherwise)
  • Search & Rescue organizations, 911 services
  • Wilderness travel  &  survival training instructors
  • Telecommunication & satellite consultants

Their valuable input has directly impacted our website, the services, and selective products we will list.   In addition to travels required for  varied career backgrounds, our advisors' personal lives are busy with family, aiding people with physical disabilities, serving as ski instructor, tutor/mentor in computer software & hardware support, recycling, green building and nutritional health. They hike, bike, run, swim, sail, ski, play tennis, canoe, kayak, enjoy glider planes & motorcycles, fishing, golf, and the fine arts, when time allows. Eventually they land on ocean front beaches to unwind with family and friends, reading, listening to music, and cooking.

We have made every effort to incorporate testing feedback from families, singles, corporate executives, parents, students, and organizations for persons with disabilities, in providing an informed approach to your travel plans, and intelligent, useful products for everyday use, not just when traveling.

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